5 Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors Which Couldn’t Are More False

5 Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors Which Couldn’t Are More False

Some of those rumors started for ridiculous reasons.

Korean superstars get involved with dating rumors most of the time, but often, these rumors find yourself starting for ridiculous reasons consequently they are also laughable. Here’s a summary of a few Korean celebrity dating rumors which https://worldsbestdatingsites.com/tinder-review/ couldn’t have already been more false.

1. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon & Dara

G-Dragon (Left) & Dara (Appropriate)

For several years, fans thought that both of these had been secretly dating because of their adorable chemistry with every other. Fans also once tried compiling “evidence” to prove as they noticed similarities between their Instagram posts that they were dating.

It reached the point in which the two became conscious of the rumors, and Dara needed to shut them straight straight down.

We don’t actually comprehend because were really like family members. So… ah, yuck. We’re really close therefore there’s nothing unique about any of it.

2. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona & PSY

In 2012, Yoona and PSY got associated with a dating rumor whenever a Chinese news outlet shared an image of “the two” apparently on a romantic date. This will have already been breaking news, as PSY had been hitched.

Yoona fundamentally had to step up and talk regarding the absurd rumor and unveil that she ended up being shooting an episode of operating guy, while the guy within the image had been a cameraman that took place to resemble PSY.

3. Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo

Kim Jong Kook (Left) & Song Ji Hyo (Right)

Both of these have now been castmates on Running guy for over 10 years, and through the years, some fans speculated the 2 had been dating for their chemistry together. It also became a operating laugh on Running guy.

Your browser will not help movie.

Nevertheless, the 2 have constantly rejected the rumors and stated they give consideration to one another as family members. Operating Man‘s former PD Jung Cheol Mi, when talked from the rumors and shared that no body from the show thinks that Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook would date ever.

That which you see through the known people is exactly what really occurs.

Ji Suk Jin had been prepared to bet their whole wealth to them perhaps not dating because the people are typical close. When they heard the rumors, they thought ‘Oh? What’s this?’

The manufacturing group seems the way that is same.

4. Kim Hee Won & Park Bo Younger

Kim Hee Won (Left) & Park Bo Younger (Appropriate)

Park Bo younger and Kim Hee Won got taking part in a absurd relationship rumor once the two had been captured likely to a cafГ© together.

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While these rumors had been quickly power down, Park Bo younger wasn’t pleased whenever this rumor that is absurd.

A dating rumor…? Perthereforenally I think so old given that I’ve been involved with a dating rumor.

This is simply not true. Hee Won sunbae-nim and I also came across on Hot Young Bloods and Collective Invention. We’re friends that are good industry peers, though we now have an age distinction. We do get together to eat, that right component holds true. We additionally drink tea too. So when we went along to Youngdeok to own steamed crab, the manager for Collective Invention included us… Like… the 3 of us… T-T Since I don’t have a company, it’s harder for me personally to have press on these issues. But we thought we possibly could at the very least simplify similar to this.

We additionally intend on asking the cafe in Youngdeok to just take the screenshots down through the CCTV. After all, We never ever decided to it, so… anyhow, exactly just what a shock to begin 2020. Year happy New! And the ones of you whom compose things without fact-checking first… we can’t help… but resent you. And I also guess individuals can speak about seeing me, but those that constitute scenarios… that is entire keep my eyes for you. Nevertheless when you cross the line, I’ll simply simply take action that is legal. Many thanks! Have good time!

5. BTS’s Jin & Lee Guk Joo

Those two got associated with a rumor that is dating Lee Guk Joo publicly joked that she had been dating an idol trainee. For many good explanation, netizens started initially to speculate that this idol trainee ended up being Jin, as Jin and Lee Guk Joo can be near.

It surely got to the true point where Lee Guk Joo needed to speak about this rumor and unveil that she never dated Jin.

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